Tag: New Chastity


  • Philbert

    This hunched over old man is the New Chastity recruiter and drudgemaster, known throughout the town for being a slave to his vices, particularly to the poor souls near enough the Dependable Drudgery office to hear Bessie and his cries of ecstasy.

  • Jiminy Jerkey

    A gambler who makes sure never to lose and a man whose success with ladies is proportional to both the size of his wallet and to his distance to the nearest whorehouse, Jiminy is a fine young man that the heroes met shortly after joining up with DD in …

  • The Matron Simone

    Best known as "The Matron" in the town of New Chastity, she runs the highest class brothel in town. She doesn't care what goes on in her 'home,' so long as any damage done is repaid. She has taken a liking to Deputy Freeman for his piano playing.

  • Sunrise King

    An enigmatic force of a man whose face has never been seen -- or at least, and have the beholder live to tell the tale. He has been behind bank robberies, stagecoach raids, political backstabbing, assassination, cold-blooded murder and that's just the …

  • Tanya Chambers

    An absolute bombshell of a woman, a hint of a tip to her ears gives a hint as to her heritage. According to her (supposed) father, [[:Reginald-Chambers | the Barkeep of New Chastity]] Tanya is in deep with the [[:sunrise-king]]. She is a participant …

  • Reginald Chambers

    Reginald Chambers, better known as "Barkeep," is the proprietor of the [Wooden Dowel] in New Chastity. From his position, he hears a lot about what is going on in New Chastity and has been a consistent source of intel -- that is, if one can get him to …

  • Sheriff Lester Hale

    The sheriff of New Chastity, Lester is a keen shot and a keen lawman. He is known to have at least one local deputy, the orc Bane Elliot, and was upset at not being made aware of such a plot as [[:the-basilisk]] by a bunch of drudges.

  • Lawrence Holbrook

    The proprietor of New Chastity Smoke, Lawrence sells much more than standard tobacco and accessories. He has connections far and wide and if you need something, Lawrence can probably find a seller for you. He keeps in stock a wide variety of 'consumable …