Tag: Dwarf


  • Mongrom Hillpicker

    Mongrom was a cleric of Moradin and family friend to Yaghrum the Mumbling, having been involved in a long-term relationship with his sister Rica. His presumed body (with his journal on it) was found in the circle of statues surrounding [[:The-Basilisk]].

  • Foreman Hillpicker

    Both chief foreman and sheriff of the mining town of Kobold Gulch, this dwarf goes by one or the other title at all times -- possibly even to his wife -- and so his first name is rarely heard. He entrusted the heroes with the task of returning the Green …

  • Chief Justice Byrd

    Chief Justice Byrd is the highest law in the Pactlands, having earned his place after a long career as a lawman and then as a magistrate. The heroes first met him during the Badfish Gambit; he apparently fancied a vacation, and has been seen often with …