Marjorie Charity

"You can't run, and you'll die if you fight. Hand it over."


Marjorie Charity is one of a handful of well known female gunfighters. No crime has yet been pinned to her, but a wanted poster finally went out with her face on it after evidence of collusion with the Redcaps was uncovered.

She and her posse was narrowly defeated at the Battle of Lone Ridge after successfully killing Yagrum and Viola Raelock, as well as knocking unconscious Deputy Freeman. The Baron Fizzboom was indeed the last one standing, having finally subdued her with the butt of a rifle.

She is currently in the custody of [[:Foreman Hillpicker]].

According to a traveling halfing merchant, Fizzboom would be well-advised to kill her if they ever meet again.

Marjorie Charity

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