Don't Fence Me In

A Timeline of the Story so Far

It’s been so long and so many adventures have come to pass that it’s going to take our collective memories to get a recap of the lives of our characters. Add/edit/polish as needed, please!… and it will be needed ‘cause I can’t remember a thing from a year ago, and I definitely don’t have notes, unlike some of you!

How in the hell did it even start?

Hired by Dependable Drudgery in place to do something! (hunt down Charity or bring back slumgullion?)

Saved Kobolds from Marjorie Charity? and received a living gem inside Green Slumgullion that brought the party back to life.

The minds of the party were plagued with misdirection as they attempted to cross the desert to (New Chastity?). Found statues of Dragonborn and freed a basilisk from Kuo-toa clutches so she could return to (Badwater Break?). Also found a diary of Yagrum’s family friend, which was fought over by he and Viola.

Found out about the Badfish Gambit and proceeded to secure a means onboard. Lots of secret alliances between bad guys such as the Sunrise King (who impersonated the Justice and made things confusing during battle), the mysterious Tanya Chambers and posse, Motton Glimtwat? and Drazzle the goblin.

Attempted to steal the tournament prize before any of the bay guys, but got tangled with Drazzle in the process. Gurp escaped with the treasure chest into the lake, while Fizzboom rigged Glimtwat’s gyrocopter to explode. (Glimtwat survived with rocket boots.)

Gurp hid the treasure onshore and became a wanted criminal. The rest of the party exited the ship somewhere and met up with Gurp?

At some point a silver dragon was met who told about a lost baby gold dragon and an evil black dragon who vanished into the depths of the lake.

A creepy corpse girl was found, stranglekelp was tamed, a black dragon slain, Xerix who was working for an arch-demon? Or devil? was prevented from entirely completing his plague ritual, and the baby gold dragon and a kuo-toa prince egg were rescued.

Hoss picked the party up in a boat and gave out magical goodies before depositing the crew onshore to collect their gold from the treasure chest? Also, an image of the devil was seen briefly, chilin’ on the back of the boat with a cigar.

At some different point, the party was thrown into an alternate-reality illusion world where they had to overcome fearful re-enactments of memories.

Went to Badfish, which was attacked by Xerix and his… gigantic monster because he was looking for something (children?) to fuel his dark ritual.

Heard about Project Undermine and went to thwart it! Killed many gnomes and some Kuo-toa via Fizzboom in a mech suit and torpedoes, much to Viola’s dismay. The Deputy bought time by leading the army inland, but was nearly killed in the process. And Fizzboom was left with severe radiation poisoning due to blowing up the giant sawmill powered by living gems.

Went on a trip by ocean to the Sovereign City to tell of the Gnome plot to drill under the Consuming Sea, but the evidence we had to present was forged. Ambushed by deadly kuo-toa assassins, but managed to defeat them and save one of the council members? Sadly, the newest addition to the party, Baa Seba, was brutally killed. Met I’ve forgotten Ana’s new character’s name!! :( in a bar, who decided to come with us.

Set off to retrieve the Voice of Moradin (to prove to the council members something…? In addition to it being vital for Yagrum’s development.) Met Hoss at a small town northerly where he re-instructed us on how to survive. After the lesson, we were ambushed by a group of mercenaries hired by the Collector? who were looking for Hoss. Several party members were greatly injured and suffered from unstymied bleeding.

The uninjured members, Viola, Gurp and puppy, and Yagrum ventured into the nearby mountains to search for the bandit leader, who turned out to be a devilish Collector. Instead of dying, Gurp gives the Collector some of his blood in exchange for a cure for the other party members.

Administered the antidote to the Deputy, Fizzboom, and Ana’s character but only Fizzboom recovered immediately… probably due to his awesome goblin immune system. The party decided to begin the venture northwards with the two unconscious ones strapped to horses.

Found a giant astral rock in the middle of the Sage Plains, which (Fizzboom cracked with explosives?). Found inside what was later to be discovered an iron dragon egg. Convinced the local excavators that it was best in the hands of the party.

Reached the town of Yak without starvation or major mishap, though ran into Tanya Chambers and crew along the way, who desired to travel with the party because they, too, were seeking the Voice of Moradin.

Got into a HUGE battle with Glimtwat as he and a team of redcaps were passing over Yak by copter as Fizzboom decided to shoot a rocket at them. After a bloody and fiery mass battle predominantly inside the tavern, the party narrowly succeeds due to Yagrum’s valiant sacrifice of his soul with a little help from Fizzboom’s commandeering of a gyrocopter. Fizzboom and Yagrum are lost forever, and the Deputy and Viola are badly wounded.

The trek northwards, as per Hoss’s previous guidance, to find the Voice continued with winter conditions and road obstacles minor inconveniences. The remaining party members were unknowingly being tracked by two potentially sinister characters- Salomon and Mandrake.

After making camp for the first night, the party was attacked by a clutter of sword spiders and would have been decimated without the sudden and surprising help of the strangers Salomon and Mandrake. A cloaked Dragonborn knight threatened the group, but he was restrained by Gurp. The confusion relented when the party explained their motives for approaching the Dragonborn City and who had sent them. The knight rather dutifully escorted the group to safety within the city.

Appeared before the High Court of non-pink skins, which included a (Dragonborn king, a Kuo-toa, a kobold, a lizardfolk, and…?) The infant iron dragon was presented to the court for protection, and the party was told that the time was correct for the Breath of Moradin to be opened to all who sought it. The party was given accommodations in preparation for their journey, with the knowledge that Tanya and Co would be seeking the Voice as well and probably were in lieu with the Sunrise King.

The journey began with a golden harp, which morphed differently in the hands of each character. It stayed golden with Viola, and she played a tune that transported the whole party on top of the wall of a fortress, overlooking a lava-carved landscape and next to the aspect of Garl Glittergold, himself. He explained that this was a reenactment of the true historical event in which Asmodeus waged a war against the Angel so that he could (capture Moradin?). Garl took his brother’s Voice to lure Asmodeus, and fought with his army of noble Bullywug knights and Gnomes against the legion of devils. The reenactment, with the party playing essential roles, would be a test to see whether they were worthy of receiving the Voice.

After three savage waves of devils, including a lava hydra, an ooze, flying harpy-like beings, black knights, catapults, and Asmodeus himself, to name a few, all of the party (and many baddies) were slaughtered except for Gurp, who was able to survive due to representing the iron dragon Tyroferr before reverting to his natural form.

Gurp retreated into the keep where Garl had been in hiding once Asmodeus dismantled the protective sigil, and he was reunited with the ghostly manifestations of Viola and Salomon alongside Garl. The party was informed of the magical properties inside the keep that allowed anyone to freely alter reality, and that this property would have to be used to stall Asmodeus while Garl completed a ritual to remove the Voice from inside him. The party would be victorious if they managed to transport the Voice out of the keep, and extra victorious if they managed to save Garl from sacrificing himself in the process. The party first devised a hugely complicated maze to trap Asmodeus, and a mirror to monitor his movement, but they were foiled when he stated that teleportation to any visible location was the new reality. To counter this, Gurp transported everyone to Bugtussle Island on instinct, and made the scale of the new reality larger than the last so that everyone would be father away from Asmodeus. This also had the effect of moving Viola away from Garl, who she was assisting with the ritual, and the party struggled to regroup in the swamp. However, everyone eventually visually located the focal point of the ritual on the steppes of one of the volcanoes and teleported there. Gurp rallied a band of Bullywug warriors against the devil, and they went to battle. In the last moments, Viola was able to secure the Voice from Garl and advise that Gurp take it, summon a picture of the entrance to the keep, and teleport there to freedom, leaving all of them behind. Gurp did so, and the reenactment ended with the whole party in the original location of the harp next to an unconscious Tanya Chambers and the aspect of Garl.


Someone please make this into a more beautified, final format! :) We can detail some of our epic feats in other posts, too!



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